Inbound Freight Savings Program

We may be able to help you reduce your inbound freight rates...

Shipping your freight via OnShip Advantage can save you serious cash on your Outbound, Inbound, and Drop-Ship (point to point) shipments.

It is common for companies who ship outbound LTL to have a grasp on the data about what they are shipping, to whom, and the variable costs associated with that process when factoring in their commodities being shipped and which carriers are being used to get those items delivered to their end customer. This is an everyday activity for many companies and keeping their customers satisfied is a daily task.

But what about your inbound freight? Even if you don’t ship any outbound LTL during the year, odds are you are receiving full truckloads or pallets of materials to use in your manufacturing process or to put away into inventory for reselling to your customers.

Focusing on saving money only on outbound shipping is creating a missed opportunity with your inbound freight. If you allow your supplier to determine your freight cost on inbound you may be negating the savings you worked so hard for with your outbound shipping program.

Using OnShip’s National Rate Program, you can instruct your vendor to use your discounted OnShip rates to process the freight orders being sent to you. Tell your vendor to ship to you using your account number and you don’t have to worry about the rates your vendor uses being excessively higher when shipping to you.

Here are a few areas where you could be overpaying:

  • Your supplier negotiates a low rate with a carrier yet charges you a much higher rate.

  • Your vendor may not have great rates for shipping, and you end up paying more, even if it’s at your vendors' real cost.

  • Without knowing your actual inbound transportation costs, you could be overestimating your true cost of goods purchased which may lead to overpricing your product to your customers.


OnShip National Rates provides you with great freight pricing. In the rare case we don’t beat your LTL costs, give us the opportunity to put your data out for bid. It’s rare for us to lose and definitely worth it for you since there is no cost to you for us to do this.

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