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Parcel Cost Reduction Program

OnShip makes it easy for you to save money on your parcel carriers' transportation costs.

You may already have great cost savings with UPS, DHL, the USPS, or FedEx. OnShip's Parcel Cost Reduction Program will help you save even more money on your small parcel shipments. OnShip will analyze what you spend with all your parcel carriers and will often find a substantial amount of additional savings for you. The savings can range anywhere from up to 10%, to 30% or more over what it costs you to ship with your carriers now.

There may be a few considerations to be taken into account.

1. If you are a smaller shipper we may be able to keep you with your current primary carrier. Every situation is unique and we will "get into the weeds" conversationally with you to discuss what your options are.

2. If you are a larger shipper, the parcel carrier who is your primary carrier will not be happy to hear you tell them about any  "Parcel Cost Reduction Program" you may be entering into. Our recommendation is not to say anything. The term used in the industry is "cannibalizing" the carrier. In this case, we would switch you over to the "other" carrier who would love to be the primary recipient of your volume, and you enjoy savings of 20% or more over your current parcel spend.

OnShip is able to offer you significant savings over your current parcel shipping spend. There may be some rules that will need to be followed in the programs we offer you. We certainly will be able to help you save significant money on your parcel spend if you are flexible on which primary carrier you use. Call us today for more information about our Parcel Spend Programs.

Don't forget to ask us about how we save our customers money with our
LTL and Freight Cost Reduction Program.

Acquire OnShip Multi-Carrier Shipping Software today and

take control of your parcel and freight shipping costs forever!

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