OnShip-Request for Desktop Users

Are Your Casual Desktop Shippers Getting the Best Rates Possible?

The Problem


Your company allows departments and individuals to ship packages using whatever carrier/service they want to choose, often selecting an overpriced carrier/service level. Many times the shipping department can process the shipment at a lesser cost, based on your business rules and negotiated rates, and still meet the shipper's required delivery date.


Why this problem exists:

  • The person shipping does not have a thorough understanding of the carriers, service levels, and costs utilized in the shipping department

  • Handwritten forms are hard to read and error-inducing

  • There is no other record of the shipping request other than a piece of paper

  • A blame game occurs if the package is not shipped correctly

  • Tracking information about the package does not always make it back to the person who initiated the shipment

  • Cost controls are not followed resulting in transportation costs quickly getting out of hand


The Solution


OnShip-Request allows for complete control of your casual shipping processes. From one to hundreds of users, OnShip-Request automates and tracks ALL of the information about what has shipped from each individual and every department. 


  • Real-time visibility of all shipping information

  • One system to keep track of all shipping and delivery information

  • All parcels rate-shopped by requested in-hand date to obtain the least cost charges

  • Tracking updates are available to all OnShip-Request users

  • Shipping history to store all information

  • A true method of cost control for all parcels shipped


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