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OnShip Advantage Software offers you another way to save money on your parcel shipments. Everyone has heard of Rate Shopping, right?


Why is it that so few shippers use it? It's because most shipping software isn't doing it right.


The Rate Shop feature rates all the carrier transactions and then offers the results back to you exactly the way you want to see them.


Rate Shopping your ground shipments? Simply set-up and use a ground rate shop group.


Rate Shopping overnight services? Set-up your overnight services and include your carrier's ground services. Do you know how much money is wasted using overnight air services when a ground service will get your parcel there on the same business day? Did you know overnight shipments go on the ground trucks when the parcel using air service is going to a one-day destination?

Need to have your package delivered by a specific day? And at the least cost? OnShip is the answer. We shop the carrier services to select only the service that will deliver by the Day Specific date, AND then we select the least cost service to get the job done.

OnShip Advantage Rate Shopping. We get the job done right!

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