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UPS June Rate Change...just the facts

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On June 4, 2018, the over maximum limits and oversize pallet handling surcharge, will increase by $150. Audit fees will be assessed if the average shipping charge correction in invoice week is more than $5.00.

On June 11, 2018, the ground fuel surcharge will increase by 0.50%. These surcharges will continue to be adjusted weekly.

These UPS guidelines and weekly fuel charge adjustments are included in our "Best Way" automatic rate shopping tool. "Best Way" auto-compares national/regional parcel carrier rates and dozens of LTL carriers to quickly find the best carrier, based on your business rules.

OnShip installs on your server behind your firewalls and can easily integrate to your pay forever subscription fees. We include unlimited users, a powerful report designer, dozens of LTL carrier discount rates and address verification at no additional cost...for each shipping site.

OnShip has a real-time (i.e. accurate rates), 24/7 link to your negotiated parcel carrier rates. Onship can also rate shop, generate a BOL and auto-dispatch an LTL carrier for inbound, outbound and drop-ship freight. Bottom-line, OnShip minimizes surcharges, maximizes throughput and offers unlimited users instant access to shipping info they need!

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