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Is High-Quality, Low-Cost Shipping Insurance Right for You?

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Deep Hard Dollar Discounts:

Switching from carrier provided shipping insurance to high-quality, low-cost shipping insurance from a reputable insurance company can save you hundreds and, in many cases, thousands of dollars in excessive premium payments each year. Your shipping insurance partner should cover all the major carriers and also have the flexibility to add certain carriers and elevated coverage limits that are important to your business.


Your insurance plan should easily integrate with your high-quality shipping software.

Get Paid Quickly:

It should offer quick claims settlement, so you get paid faster.

Business Intelligence:

It should include a private dashboard to view all shipping insurance activity in one place:

  • Product

  • Carrier

  • Delivery time

  • Signature time

  • Easy claim filing process

  • Statistics and data to provide the additional knowledge you need to manage and improve your shipping operation

Choice of Carrier:

You should be able to ship with the major carriers including:

  • FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, Regional carriers, major air cargo airlines, dozens of LTL pallet freight carriers and more.

Elevated Coverage Limits:

Your insurance plan should offer higher limits, including coverage for up to $150,000 per package, when required.

Service Levels:

Your insurance plan should offer coverage for key levels of parcel and LTL pallet freight delivery service:

  • Overnight

  • Two-Day

  • Three-Day

  • Ground

  • First Class Mail

Few International Restrictions:

Your insurance plan should allow you to ship insured packages to almost any country.

  • Expand your customer base by selling and shipping to customers around the world.

  • Protect your organization and your international customers.

Customized Solutions:

Your insurance plan should fit your needs:

  • Is signature confirmation not required for some packages?

  • Would higher limits help create a new business model?

  • Have your carriers disallowed insurance to certain ZIP Codes?

  • Your insurance plan should be able to create custom solutions that help you run your business the way you need to run it.

Any Commodity:

High-quality shipping insurance plans cover a wide variety of commodities:

  • Jewelry

  • Gold and other precious metals

  • Coin collections

  • Sports memorabilia

  • Musical instruments

  • Industrial and automotive parts

  • High tech components

  • Electronics

  • Medical and pharmaceutical

  • Essentially, you should be able to ship AND insure anything of value.

EZ Button Shipping Insurance Claims:

You should be able to simply log onto your private dashboard and click on "file a claim."

  • The online claims form should automatically populate 90% of the required information.

  • Once received, a claims representative should contact you within 24 hours to acknowledge receipt of the claim and next steps.

Bottom-line, choosing the correct shipping insurance partner will save you a lot of hard dollars, help you quickly identify claims and settle them promptly.

Good luck and good shipping!

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