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OnShip's Positive Impact on IT

As shipping becomes a mission-critical process in the supply chain, the complexities of IT have increased. The IT department is the focal point of technology support and new technology decision-making. It's critically important that they are involved in any decision that impacts the organization's information technology infrastructure.

IT Management is responsible for maintaining technological stability and security across the organization. They are also tasked with increasing communication speeds and making sure all key management staff have access to the critical data they need when they need it. Their concerns reach across every department and level.

Areas of Concern:

  • Cost: Lower Total cost of ownership

  • Easy Integration with ERP, CRM, In-House Systems

  • In-House Integration & Administrative controls that give them the access they need when they need it

  • Minimal IT Resource Demand for deployment and support

  • Complete Data Security and Privacy

How OnShip Benefits IT:

  • Deployment can be accomplished without impacting on long-term projects

  • Can be deployed via PC, Server or OnShip Cloud-powered by AWS

  • Highly scalable architecture supports corporate growth

  • Low total cost of ownership compared to featureless, low-end cloud solutions

  • Reasonable deployment and live support cost

  • Industry standard design and development reduces risk

  • In-House Integration & administrative controls minimize support costs

  • Rapid deployment and implementation reduces system cost and drives ROI

  • Minimal IT resource demand for deployment and support

Two Basic Questions You Need to Ask Inside Your Organization:

What systems or processes do we have in place today to integrate overnight couriers, parcel, LTL freight, in-house delivery trucks, and other methods of transportation to our order entry or warehouse management system?

Do we have any requests to integrate a shipping process that is presently manual?

OnShip's Managed Shipping Services Platform gives you the proven stability and speed you need to scale from one shipping station to thousands. Take us for a test drive to see how easy it is to grow OnShip from one to many, across your enterprise.

Good Luck & Happy OnShipping!


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