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Top 15 Reasons Why OnShip is a Perfect Fit for Your Business --- Especially These Days...

The absolute worse thing in the world is to have unexpected charges blindside your shipping budget, and negatively impact your overall profit margins. OnShip can be configured to execute AND monitor your shipping charges for each shipping transaction to ensure your outbound shipping costs match your carrier invoices. Because let's face it, once you quote a shipping cost, or offer "free" shipping, and ship the product, there are no "do-overs" when your carrier's invoice arrives with higher than expected charges---these higher charges directly impact your bottom-line revenues.

Top 15 reasons how OnShip can help you streamline your shipping operation & grow your bottom-line revenues:

  1. Shipping Rate Discount Plans - Minimize your shipping costs and maximize your profit margins

  2. Point to Point Shipping - work-from-home & remote workers enjoy discounted shipping from anywhere

  3. Address Verification - Minimizes bad address fees - Up to $18 per parcel & $93 or more for freight

  4. Residential Delivery, Extended & Out of Area Surcharges - Account for these charges upfront

  5. Carrier Performance Auditing - Know carriers are billing you correctly with line-item audit reporting

  6. Insured Delivery Status Notifications - Know when your on-time deliveries are late BEFORE they call

  7. Best-Way Automatic Rate Shopping - Can reduce your annual shipping budget by 20% or more

  8. Automatic Customer Carrier Preferences - Stay compliant with ALL your customer's requirements

  9. Multi-Carrier Shipping - Parcel and LTL freight shipping across dozens of carriers, all in one place

  10. Regional Carriers - All major carriers AND Your favorite low-cost regional carrier

  11. Email Shipment Notifications - Recipient AND your "internal" shipment requestor receive tracking data

  12. Real-Time Data - Integrates to dozens of WMS, ERP, web stores, & even home-grown host systems

  13. Powerful Onboard Reporting - Create hundreds or even thousands of custom shipping reports

  14. Multiple Software Options - API, Cloud, PC, & unlimited shippers/shipments enterprise server editions

  15. Live Technical Support - We offer standard business day support & extended support plan options


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