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Version Updates


Version 3.0 New Features and Improved Features

Effective 01-01-2020

Address Standardization

  • Additional support for Suite number validation.

  • Warns users when the address cannot be completely resolved.

  • Optionally displays error information and allows the user to accept either the Standardized Address, City/State Province/Postal Code Only portion of standardized address or decline the results.

  • Also optionally creates a custom log file with the complete standardization results.

  • These changes outperform the address standardization provided by carrier supplied systems which often completely drop invalid suite numbers and do not give user options for intelligently resolving address Candidates.

OnShip-Request For Desktop Users

  • Global Address Book Management support added for both Ship From and Ship To addresses

  • Personal Address Book Management support added for both Ship From and Ship To addresses

  • Favorites Address Book Management support added for both Ship From and Ship To addresses

  • Optional Rating, Rate Shopping and Routing tools available for ‘Power OnShip-Request Users’

  • OnShip generated Email Shipping Notification. Optionally send email to OnShip-Request user
    (or other email address) when a shipment has been processed with shipment details such as tracking number, actual ship date, and rates. The email body can be customized via OnShip Reporting tools

  • Delivery or In-Hand date support for Rating and Rate Shopping

  • Added common Special Services support

  • Cost Center chargeback support. Business or Personal to allow employee personal shipping

  • Repeat last OnShip-Request function added

  • Full Address Standardization Support. For both OnShip-Request screen and personal address book management

  • Addition user rights added which give or deny specific users or user group permissions to change various ship request options. Such as Cost Center Code, Rating and Routing features

  • Added ‘Switches’ to OnShip-Request Configuration to turn on/off various ship request processing screen fields and features

  • Adobe PDF reader/.Net support for the OnShip-Request form

  • Improvements to ‘View My OnShip-Request’ which optionally shows shipping cost results, tracking hyperlink visibility and easy re-printing of the OnShip-Request form

OnShip Parcel Shipping

  • Rating and Rate Shopping speed enhancements. Added asynchronous enhancements to rating engines for lighting fast results

  • "Deliver by" or "In-Hand date" added to the shipping screen

  • Various ‘Switches’ added to system configuration to allow customizing the shipping screen per site

  • Auto Select Best way option added

  • Auto Post shipment added for batch shipping. Process all orders in batch orders table automatically

  • Added date filter to view shipments screen for faster loading of large shipping history data

  • Enhancements to application plugins to allow powerful shipping customizations

  • UPS - added Quantum View shipping notifications and Hazmat support

  • FedEx – added Shipping notifications and Electronic Trade Documents support

  • DHL eCommerce – added Hazmat support and OnShip Insurance options

  • OnShip ASN email support

  • OnShip Insurance enhancements for real-time insurance transaction processing

  • Cost Center chargeback support

  • Business or Personal chargeback to allow employee personal shipping

  • Repeat last shipment function added

  • Future Ship Mode by Carrier added. Accommodates after hours or weekend processing of future shipping by a carrier

  • User-defined carrier transaction identifier and enhanced operator transaction logging of data to include Windows username of operator for management operator performance auditing

  • New Returns processing support options added for all carriers

  • Updated SVG image support for application images gives OnShip fresh new look

  • Plus many other proprietary "processing" improvements to parcel shipping...

OnShip Freight Shipping

  • Added automatic carrier appointment support

  • Enhancements to freight processing workflow

  • User-defined Pallet label(s) support added

  • Customizable OnShip freight Shipment Notification support added

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