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About Us

The OnShip Group is staffed with a team of seasoned shipping industry veterans who have spent their entire working careers in the shipping and transportation business.


The management team of The OnShip Group collectively has well over 100 years of consulting, software engineering, installing shipping solutions, saving our customers money, enhancing revenues and, most importantly, providing each OnShip customer with an exceptional experience, tailor-made to their unique requirements.

A Letter From Our President


Thank you for visiting OnShip. We help businesses ship anything, anytime, anywhere...for less. As we add more software features over time, our pricing will continue to be a great value compared to other offerings.

Our business focus is simple...we offer feature-rich and powerful shipping software to help businesses efficiently and cost-effectively ship parcels and LTL freight to their customers domestically and across the globe. OnShip helps our customers streamline workflows, reduce expenses and drive more precious revenue to their bottom-lines. 

DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, and your local regional carrier modules come standard with OnShip. You can also add as many shipping workstations as you need because unlimited shippers per shipping site are standard. We also include deep discounts on dozens of your favorite LTL freight carriers and audit all of them to make sure your bill is exactly what you should have paid. And don't forget our deep discounts on shipping insurance. Carrier insurance doesn't even come close to our insurance premiums.


In other words, give us a try. At the very least, let's run an audit on your current parcel and freight bills to see if we can find some "rate savings" money for you. If nothing else, it will be a way to validate all those "great rates" your carrier rep says you're getting right now, right?

Give us a call with any questions or, better yet, schedule your personal OnShip demo today. Thirty minutes of your time will show you what OnShip can do to improve your company's bottom line.

Have a great day and thanks again for visiting OnShip. We appreciate it!

On a Positive Note,

Jay Rajcevich, President

The OnShip Group, Inc.


You can reach me here...

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