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3rd Party Billing Shipment Fraud Protection

UPS 3rd Party Billing Account Issue png.

Third-party billing means that the carrier bills the shipping charges to a party other than the shipper or receiver. The third-party must have a valid UPS account number and must have agreed to accept the charges.


Unfortunately, many shipping software products do not verify third-party account numbers until the end of the day after all shipments have been processed and picked up by the carriers. If you're using shipping software with this limitation and you have been given one or more fraudulent account numbers that day, you end up paying the bill for those shipments AND you're assessed a penalty fee by your carrier. 


The good news is that OnShip verifies FedEx & UPS third-party billing account numbers BEFORE printing a shipping label. This is a great feature for any business that processes more than a few shipments with 3rd party billing. 

In other words, OnShip Billing Fraud Protection eliminates the possibility of you getting stuck paying for the bill and trying to track down the person or company who owes you the money. Problem solved!

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