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Join the OnShip Rewards Plus Program


It's Free!!!


After clicking the link above you will be taken to our live Rewards Plus site as a guest. Feel free to navigate wherever you wish. Create a Username/Password to gain complete access if you are interested in purchasing goods or services.

The OnShip Group is offering you the opportunity to join our
Rewards Plus Program
as a way of saying THANKS for putting your trust in us to
handle your parcel & LTL shipping needs.

Our Rewards Plus Program is offered to your company for use as a supplemental Employee Benefits program. The good news is all of the benefits are available at NO COST to your company. There are some optional Voluntary Health Benefits your employees may choose to enroll in, and they will pay those costs themselves.

Over 10,000

Customers are Using the Program

5 of the10

Largest U.S. Employers Are Using the Program

Over 72%

Employee Engagement Program Wide


Cost to Employers

Over $4,900 Average Annual Employee Savings*

Benefit Hub Money Saved.jfif

* Based on an average household with an average expenditure of $26,000 per year on retail consumer purchases, health and financial services.


We believe your employees should feel like they are receiving the best benefits your company has to offer. Whatever the benefits you currently provide them, why not offer them additional benefits they will be able to use in their everyday lives? And at no cost to your company?

It's easy to get started with our Rewards Plus Program. You have multiple options as to how you can present the Program to your employees.

Integrate our Rewards Plus Program into your existing benefits program.

OnShip Rewards Plus Program.png

Your Benefits Program

Plug your existing employee benefits into our Rewards Plus Program web portal.

OnShip Rewards Plus Program.png

Your Benefits


Keep your benefits program and our Rewards Plus Program web portal separate.


Your Benefits Program

Your Employees will love the Rewards Plus Program

  • Over 70,000 available items and services

  • Everything is easily accessible through the  portal

  • Retail items, services, medical benefits... and more

  • Shop local or national

  • Get amazing cash back offers

  • Mobile phone friendly

  • Across all of our users, employees can save up to an average of $4,900 each year or more*

* Based on an average household with an average expenditure of $26,000 per year on retail consumer purchases, health and financial services.

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