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OnShip API

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The OnShip Rest API will normalize your carrier shipping data so you don't have to worry about interacting with each carrier API individually. You will be able to imbed small parcel and LTL carrier functionality into your ERP or WMS application and create a seamless solution for shipping. Our API will always be backwards compatible and is being created with easy to understand documentation. You will also see well defined endpoints and plenty of sample code.

Eliminate address corrections by using the Address Validation API. Addresses in the United States and Canada will be available first with international addresses to follow later.

Lower your overall shipping expense by using the Rate Shop API. Ship using the least cost carrier and service level that will get your shipment delivered to your customer by their requested in-hand delivery date.

Ship with any of the available OnShip carriers. Print to a Zebra label printer or print to an 8.5x11 sheet of paper. Imbed the Zebra label to your pick list or packing list for a one-piece document.

Track individual parcels or track using your Reference Number for updates to all parcels in the shipment.


Validate and Standardize shipping addresses in the US and Canada

Rating & Rate Shopping

Rate a single
carrier/service or all
carriers and services


Create carrier shipping labels and add logos and/or additional text to labels


Track an individual
shipment or all cartons in
a shipment

OnShip API Version 3.0

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