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Why Amazon Uses These Numbers & How They Help You Ship Much Faster

Happy Holidays!

Amazon uses a variety of box sizes to ship their products. Each box size has a certain number assigned to it that represents the dimensions of each box. These simple box numbers help Amazon, and its army of third-party sellers minimize dimensional rate shipping costs and maximize productivity.

How? If you already know the dimensions of your shipping box, you don't need to take the time to measure it, and you don't need to invest in a costly scale the measures the shipping box for you.

And, if you haven't paid much attention to what size shipping box you use for your shipments, you're paying way too much. Believe it or not, you can end up paying twice or three times as much to ship your products if you're using shipping boxes that are way too large.

There are even websites dedicated to keeping track of all these box sizes. was created by an Amazon seller who reuses Amazon boxes and created this table to help streamline that process. OnShip takes this great idea one step further, as explained below…

Before we get to how OnShip streamlines this even more, let's ask a simple question.

Why all this fuss about the size of shipping boxes?

Each carrier has a limited amount of space on its vehicles and planes. Consequently, if you're shipping a small product in a huge box, you're taking up way too much space, and you will pay big time for it. Believe me when I tell you, the carrier will charge you way too much money to ship that item and, if you don't have the correct shipping system, you'll get stuck paying the bill out of your profits because you already quoted shipping costs to your customer.

How Can OnShip Help? During your live installation and training process, your OnShip technician will help you add all your various box sizes to a table inside of OnShip. This table can be similar to the sample Amazon box size table shown in the link above, or it can contain your unique shipping box sizes. Either way, all these sizes will be available to each shipper on the OnShip touchscreen as the boxes are processed. This approach speeds up your shipping process, eliminates manual measurements, high-cost dimensional scales, AND huge penalty fees from carriers for using the wrong box size are a thing of the past.

Good luck and Happy OnShipping!


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