Audit UPS and FedEx Bills

Comprehensive Invoice Auditing

Why choose a shipping audit partner to audit UPS and FedEx bills?


  • Gain control over late packages and incorrect charges

  • Enhance data collection and analysis through detailed reports

  • Efficiently process voids and billing errors

  • Make real-time corrections for direct shipment optimization

  • Add a free logistics professional to your team

  • Waiver accounts accepted!


Sample Audit Points:


  • Late Packages (Delivered Late)

  • Manifested, but not shipped

  • Address Corrections

  • Residential Validations

  • Saturday Pickup/Delivery

  • Early AM

  • Dimensional Weight

  • Fuel Surcharges

  • Late Delivery Fees

  • Re-Rated packages

  • Contracted Rate Errors

  • Inaccurate Pickup/Delivery Scans

  • Inaccurate Daily Manifest

  • Duplicate Transactions

  • Lost in Transit (Not Delivered)

  • Import/Customs Delays

  • Incorrect Service

  • Child Packages

  • Delivery Area Surcharges

  • and many more...


Sample Reports:


  • Carrier Invoice/Summary Report

  • Third-Party Billing Report

  • Carrier Exception Report

  • Address Correction Report

  • Residential/Commercial Address Correction Report

  • Customized Reporting by Request

In 2002, our certified auditing partner was the first auditing service to offer businesses a unique audit solution that uses efficient data-driven technology to monitor all shipment activity and enable our customers to electronically submit refund claims directly to the carriers.


Over the past several years they have continued to develop new package auditing technology and pioneer a unique secondary claims process that has helped increase their customer's audit recovery dollars by over 30%!


Newly developed software to audit UPS and FedEx bills, as well as updated optimization tools and reporting capabilities have helped their customers take full advantage of cost reductions through the analysis of their audit information and outcome-based shipping decisions.

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