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Doc Tab Labels & Why They Are Used

Here's How Doc-Tab/Audit Labels Work:


The person in shipping peels off the doc tab from the shipping label and places it on the shipping paperwork.


Years ago before data integration, this was the method used to satisfy UPS documentation requirements. Back then the shipper had to write the date, weight, and shipping costs on the shipping paperwork which was then placed in a file cabinet, never to see the light of day again.


When tracking numbers came into existence, they were too long to be accurately handwritten on the paperwork, and this is when Doc- Tab shipping labels were born.


These days most professional shippers integrate OnShip directly into their ERP, web store(s), or order entry systems so real-time order & shipping data can quickly flow back and forth. Order integration also eliminates the need for Doc-Tab Labels. Still want to use Doc-Tab labels? That's ok because they are available in OnShip.

Need Doc-Tab Shipping Labels?

We can help!

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