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OnShip Cloud Home Office Shipping Software

Remote Worker Corporate Desktop Shipping Software

Work From Home (WFH) Features

OnShip Work From Home Shipping.png

Work From Home

  • Allows your home-based and mobile employees to cost-effectively ship from their home office or anyplace else, even international!

  • Gives you 100% visibility and control over unlimited employee shipping locations across the globe.

  • Minimizes support by making it super easy for even new users to quickly ship important documents and packages.

  • Quickly finds the best carrier rate for on-time delivery, prints shipping labels, and gives tracking updates through final delivery.


  • Shipping history is securely stored in the OnShip Cloud to give authorized users 24/7 access for management reporting, inquiries, and expense accounting.

  • Encourages safe "no contact" shipping. Your employees can use it to schedule a pickup from the doorstep or deposit packages at lockers or drop-off boxes or FedEx and UPS dropoff sites on their schedules.

Don't forget to ask us how we can help you lower your current parcel and/or freight shipping budgets by 20% or more!

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