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OnShip Parcel PC Shipping Software

OnShip's Parcel PC License: Perpetual-use, locally installed shipping software license eliminates annual subscription costs and is perfect for single PC shipping workstation applications. OnShip Parcel PC resides on your shipping workstation with all the features of OnShip Parcel Server on one shipping workstation.

Requires Windows 10 and an internet connection to enable remote support, software updates, and shipping transactions with all major and regional carriers included in your system.

Optionally, OnShip Parcel PC can also be integrated into your ERP or Host Systems for real-time shipment processing and reporting visibility across your company.

Print labels to your Zebra Label Printer or create paper labels on your HP compatible paper printer. A USB attached scale can be used but is not required. 

We provide the software and you provide the hardware.

OnShip Parcel PC Shipping.png
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