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Auto-Batch Personalized Shipping Labels

If you or your company have shipping projects that require shipping the same promotional, informational, or marketing products to a few dozen or even hundreds of addresses, OnShip's Auto-Batch Personalized Shipping Label Module is a perfect fit for you!


We can even add a QR code to the shipping label that your customers can stand for next order discounts or even a video instructional video on all the great stuff you shipped them! You're the boss regarding where you want the QR code link to take them so let your imagination run wild!


It's super easy to get started, too! Contact us to get the ball rolling for OnShip activation, and once done, we'll help you complete the signup form on the right, give you a template of fields we need to map into our Auto-Batch Personalized Shipping Label module for you, and you're all set!

Need To Batch Process Lots of Shipping Labels?

We can help!

OnShip Personalized Shipping Label Order Form png 2021.PNG
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