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Parcel Return Shipping Label Service

All carriers offer parcel return shipping label services. The question is which one is best for you and your customers?


OnShip rate shops the return services across all carriers to optimize your carrier mix and lower your rates. This means more revenue hits your bottom-line, NOT the carriers!

OnShip UPS Return Label.PNG
OnShip FedEx Return Label.PNG
OnShip Postal Return Reciept Label.JPG

OnShip supports DHL, FedEx, UPS & USPS Return Shipping Label services.

For example, the USPS offers multiple return options for businesses to choose from as outlined below: 

Priority Mail: 
Good choice for time-sensitive or high-value items. A fast and affordable premium solution for high-volume shippers who want to provide prepaid return labels to their customers.

1st Class Package Service: 
Smart way for high-volume shippers to quickly receive lightweight (under 1 lb) documents or merchandise.

Ground Return Service: 
Good way for high-volume shippers to get merchandise returned when low price is more important than speed.

Bulk Parcel Return Service:
Designed for shippers of Parcel Select Lightweight® or USPS Marketing Mail® machineable packages as a solution to return unopened packages that are refused or undeliverable-as-addressed, as well as packages that have been opened and relabeled. 

Merchandise Return Service:
Convenient way for businesses processing fewer than 10,000 returns a year to print and deliver prepaid return shipping labels. Can use Priority Mail Return Service, First-Class Package Return Service, and Ground Return Service.

Parcel Return Service:
Parcel Return Service (PRS) is a dedicated returns service for shippers with a high volume of returns. Get convenient prepaid, preprinted return shipping labels that meet USPS specifications. Return items should be picked up from a Return Delivery Unit or a Return Sectional Center Facility.

Using OnShip means there is no need to guess which carrier or service to use, all the decision making is already done for you. Using OnShip to process your return label transactions also qualifies you for deep discounts on parcel insurance premiums via our return shipper's insurance service!

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