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Desktop Shipping Module Cost Management Tool

OnShip Request Shipping Software

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Departments and employees sometimes ship packages using random overpriced carriers and service levels with zero discounts through online web portals.


These rogue shippers can unknowingly waste thousands of dollars per year when they don't use your low negotiated carrier rates or the wrong service.

Here are a few ways this can happen:

  • Log onto the carrier's website & ship at full retail rates

  • Handwrite address info causing wrong address penalty fees

These "innocent errors" mean:

  • You end up with dozens of retail rate carrier accounts

  • You have no way to correctly charge back shipping costs

Solution: Implement OnShip-Request for all employees and departments to eliminate overspending, track employee shipping costs, and run employee shipping reports on a few to hundreds or even thousands of users. 


OnShip-Request Keeps Track of Every Shipping Nickel Spent!

Here's How:

  • Real-time shipping management and accounting visibility

  • Enterprise-level tracking of all shipping and delivery information

  • Rate-shops for the lowest cost by the required delivery date

  • Personal tracking updates instantly go to the desktop shipper

  • Detailed shipping history stored for accounting or charge-back

  • Total cost control for all shipments processed lowers costs

OnShip Request is an optional add-on module for OnShip Server and OnShip Pro.

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