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   Unlimited Shippers At Each Shipping Site

OnShip Unlimited Shipping Stations.jpg

Lower volume shippers can install OnShip PC Plus on a Windows 10 PC workstation and one shipper can process all your parcels.


OnShip with unlimited shippers is a great fit for virtually any higher volume shipping operation. Higher volume shippers install OnShip Parcel Server or OnShip Pro Server on a company server and add as many shippers, users, and workstations as they no additional cost!


Administrators, Power Shippers, Standard Shippers, and all approved Customer Service employees have enterprise-wide access to the current shipping data they need. This will help your business run at top efficiency.


Add shipping workstations when you need them and even assign unique shippers to each workstation. OnShip is specifically configured for you and can also be quickly scaled to grow with your business.

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