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The BEST Way
to Ship All Your
Parcels & LTL Freight!

OnShip Cloud

OnShip Elite

OnShip Elite is a multi-carrier shipping solution.  Instant activation with dozens of e-commerce integrations. OnShip Elite gives you visibility and control of business locations and employee shipping across the globe!

OnShip Cloud

OnShip Pro

OnShip Pro is an LTL multi-carrier shipping solution.  OnShip Pro gives you the ability to process LTL and TL shipments as well as parcel shipments in one online solution.

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OnShip Parcel PC

OnShip's Parcel PC entry-level shipping solution is perfect for single user shipping applications. Parcel PC resides on your PC and has all the features of OnShip Parcel Server, only on a single-workstation PC platform.


OnShip Parcel Server

OnShip Parcel Server software resides on your server behind your firewall. Back-ups, anti-virus apps, and all the security your IT department uses to support the OnShip application and shipping data are managed by your IT staff.

Quickly and accurately process all of your parcel & freight shipments...for less!


Our Powerful Multi-Carrier Shipping Software Makes Shipping Quick & Easy!

OnShip handles all carriers from one to many workstations...parcels, outbound, inbound & drop-ship freight at Great Shipping Rates!


OnShip quickly and accurately shops DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, and Regional Carriers for the best rate on each shipment, and unlike "the other guys," we include ALL available carriers, reporting, and address correction with every license!


Compare your local shipping rates with our National Shipping Rates and see for yourself! No minimum weights or volume quotas. Ship as little or as much as you want using our powerful, full-featured shipping software AND great shipping rates!

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Ship FedEx with OnShip
Ship OnTrac with OnShip
Ship Spee Dee with OnShip
Ship LSO with OnShip
Ship UPS with OnShip
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Ship Dicom with OnShip
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Ship LaserShip parcels with OnShip
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National Freight Rate Discounts with 70+ Carriers!

Our Shippers Get Great Rates Every Day!

DHL Shippers

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FedEx Shippers

Ship FedEx with OnShip

UPS Shippers

Ship UPS with OnShip

USPS Shippers

Ship USPS with OnShip

LTL Freight Shippers

Ship LTL with OnShip

Lower Your Rates Today!!

OnShip Elite Cloud Does It All For A Lot Less!
OnShip Pro Cloud Services

Need Return Shipping Labels For Your Customers?

OnShip rate shops Return Service Rates across all your carriers and quickly finds the best price, based on your business rules, every time! 

OnShip can process Return Labels
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