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OnShip Business Cloud

OnShip Business Cloud is a multi-carrier shipping solution.  Easy to get started with over 90 e-Commerce connectors. OnShip's Business Cloud platform gives you 100% visibility and control over all of your business locations and employee shipping locations across the globe

OnShip Work From Home (WFM) Cloud

OnShip WFM Cloud is a multi-carrier shipping solution.  WFH Cloud allows your home-based and mobile employees to cost-effectively ship from their home office or anyplace else where access to a printer is available.

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OnShip Parcel PC

OnShip's Parcel PC entry-level shipping solution is perfect for single user shipping applications. Parcel PC resides on your PC and has all the features of OnShip Parcel Server, only on a single-workstation PC platform.

OnShip Parcel Server

OnShip Parcel Server software resides on your server behind your firewall. Back-ups, anti-virus apps, and all the security your IT department uses to support the OnShip application and shipping data are managed by your IT staff.


OnShip Pro Server

OnShip Pro Server has all the features and functionality of OnShip Parcel Server AND discounted freight rates across 70+ major carriers. Just like Parcel Server, Pro Server includes unlimited shippers and workstations. 

Quickly and accurately process all of your parcel & freight shipments. OnShip provides the visibility your team needs to ensure each shipment is delivered to your customers on time and at the lowest possible cost!

  • Easily upload and consolidate your customer orders into OnShip. 

  • Import your open orders into OnShip from virtually any data source.

  • Integrate OnShip directly to your order entry platform!

Our Powerful Multi-Carrier Shipping Software Makes Shipping Quick, Accurate & Easy!

OnShip can process all carriers from one workstation...all of your parcels, as well as all of your outbound, inbound and drop-ship freight and with deep Freight Discounts!


OnShip quickly and accurately shops DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, and Regional Carriers for the best rate on each parcel. OnShip includes all available carriers with every license!


Compare your freight rates with our National Freight Discounts and save big bucks, even if you only ship or receive one shipment per month!

Ship UPS with OnShip
Ship LSO with OnShip
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National Freight Rate Discounts with 70+ Carriers

Ship OnTrac with OnShip
Ship GSO with OnShip
Are You Interested in Lowering Your Shipping Costs?

Are you a DHL shipper?

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Are you a UPS shipper?

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Are you a freight shipper?

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Just A Few of the OnShip Advantage Standard Features
Here are Some of the Services OnShip Advantage Provides

Need to Send Return Shipping Labels To Your Customers?

OnShip rate shops Return Service Rates across all your carriers and quickly finds the best price, based on your business rules, every time! 

OnShip can process Return Labels

Do You Ship With Any of These Carriers?

We are experts in helping businesses like yours save up to 20% or more on transportation costs.


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