Discount Freight Shipping Across Dozens of Carriers

We may even be able to help you reduce your current carrier rates...

We only rate shop reliable carriers that are available & qualified to handle each shipment!

Select From Dozens of Our Nationally Discounted Freight Carriers

Shipping your freight via OnShip Advantage can save you serious cash on your Outbound, Inbound, and Drop-Ship (point to point) shipments.

OnShip Advantage offers some of the shipping industry's best pricing discounts for freight shipments. Even if you only ship, receive or drop-ship 1 or 2 freight shipments per month, you qualify for our exceptional rates.


Provide us with your past year's freight bills in a CSV format and last 30 to 60 actual bills (typically one bill per shipment) and we'll get to work on your free freight rate audit and comparison. 


You will receive a detailed side by side rate comparison report for your review that shows you exactly where you've won and lost the freight rating game over the past year.


We can even help you build and send bid requests to your current freight carriers. Simply put, we don't lose the rating game very often, and will fight to save you as much money as possible. 


We also avoid and do not recommend low-cost carriers who lack the reliability you need. 


We'll even consolidate your freight bills for you and offer a sophisticated online spend dashboard that shows you everything you need to know about your shipping operation, 24/7!



How Does OnShip Work on a Day to Day Basis?  Very Well, Thank You!


  • Outbound Freight: Select destination, enter product details via the drop-down menu or integrated orders, auto-rate shop, select carrier, and OnShip will submit your BOL dispatch request.


  • Inbound Freight: Nearly all suppliers and vendors prefer to ship orders via their carriers to add more profit margin. Stop the madness! Leverage OnShip's discount freight rates to auto-rate and dispatch all inbound shipments, too! Submit the BOL from OnShip to your vendor and your freight carrier will pick-up at your vendor's location at your cost, not your vendor's marked-up cost!


  • Drop-Ship Freight: Need to ship from your manufacturer, vendor, or supplier directly to your customer? It's easy to do with OnShip! Select the ship from address, your customer's ship-to address and OnShip will auto-rate and dispatch your freight carrier at your cost!


Full Truckload Freight? 


  • Spot quotes for one-time Truckload freight shipments

  • Dedicated lane truckload shipments

  • Specialized truckload freight shipments such as dry vans, straight vans, temperature-controlled, refrigerated, step-decks, RGN, containers, air-ride equipped, and much more!


Freight Forwarding, Ocean and Air Freight Rates? We've got you covered. Let's talk!


  • Ocean Freight Forwarding

  • Air Freight Forwarding

  • Break Bulk Services

  • Consolidation Services

  • Sea-Air Intermodal Program

  • Drayage Service

  • Cargo Insurance

  • FCL & LCL Container Load Service

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