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LTL Inbound Freight Savings

Don't Lose Money on High Inbound Freight Rates!

Outbound LTL freight shipping is a daily activity for many companies. But what about inbound freight? 


Odds are you are receiving full truckloads or pallets of products of materials to use in your manufacturing process or inventory for resale. Focusing only on getting great outbound shipping rates means you're literally burning excess cash on LTL inbound and drop-ship LTL freight rates. Read more to find out why...

OnShip Inbound Freight Savings

Many suppliers and vendors agree to "pay" for shipping when you buy their product or add their shipping costs to your total amount due.


Let's face facts, if they're "paying" for shipping costs that means those shipping costs have been added to your cost for whatever product you're buying.


As much as our good friends at Amazon want all of us to believe that shipping is free, we all know SOMEBODY has to pay for it, and if you're not rate shopping inbound freight rates using OnShip, odds are that SOMEBODY is you.

In other words, allowing your supplier to "pay" your inbound freight bills is like asking the IRS to do your taxes. They'll surely get done but not in your favor!

OnShip makes it easy for all concerned AND your pocketbook by allowing your vendors and suppliers to use our super low freight rates for your inbound freight and drop-ship freight, too.

OnShip rates the shipment from their location to yours, generates and submits the Bill of Lading, dispatches the truck to their location and you're all set. Who knows, maybe they'll be so impressed with your OnShip freight rates, they'll want to use OnShip, too!

Here are a few areas where you could be overpaying:

  • Your supplier negotiates a low rate with their carriers yet charges you a much higher rate.

  • Your vendor may not have great rates for shipping, and you end up paying more, even if it’s at your vendors' real cost.

  • Without knowing your actual inbound transportation costs, you could be overestimating your true cost of goods purchased. This may lead to overpricing your product to your customers and losing deals.

OnShip's National Freight Agreements provides you with great freight rates. In the rare case we don’t beat your LTL costs, give us the opportunity to put your data out for bid. It’s rare for us to lose and definitely worth taking a look at, at the very least, re-validate your current rate structure. And, since there are no out of pocket costs for you, why not get started today? 

We're here to help and if we don't discover better inbound freight savings for you, we'll part friends and move onto the next big thing. Make sense?

Contact us to schedule your side by side freight comparison today! 

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