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FP National Dealer Summit - Las Vegas

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FP Mailing Systems officially launched OnShip 2.0 to a select group of dealers from across the country at their National Dealer Summit this month in Las Vegas!

FP dealers found solid value in many enhancements to OnShip 2.0.

One of 2.0's most popular features is OnShip's new low-cost, flat rate ERP/WMS host integration plans. This key feature allows dealers to easily add OnShip multi-carrier parcel and LTL freight rate shopping software to all proposals and bids without having to force their customers to jump through a bunch of hoops and have multiple meetings to finalize integration quotes.

Another popular 2.0 feature is inclusion of our new OnShip Request module, free of charge! This module takes full advantage of OnShip's unique unlimited user offering by giving every approved employee or department the ability to either ship directly from their desktop or create an OnShip Request form to accompany their package. The OnShip Request form includes all the key information needed for the mailing and shipping department to quickly scan and process each shipment at the best rate possible for on time delivery!

We received extremely positive feedback from the dealers and FP management staff regarding our many OnShip 2.0 enhancements and look forward to an amazing 2019!

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