Personalized, Color Shipping Labels From Your Black & White Zebra Printer? YES!!

Print personalized color shipping labels from OnShip Advantage with your existing printers! No expensive color printers or costly pre-printed rolls of color labels required.

With OnShip, personalized color messages can be automatically added to every shipping label that are unique to each transaction!

  • No expensive color printers and labels required!

  • No swapping color thermal transfer ribbons and re-running the labels

  • Use your existing thermal Zebra printer

  • Print personalized messages at the top or bottom of each label

  • Print advertising specific to what has been ordered or personalize a greeting!

  • Print custom information on the label depending on the order or even unique information related to the order

  • Easily order your low-cost labels from OnShip at a great price!

  • Labels won't fade or yellow and are guaranteed for up to 2 years of shelf life!

  • Pick, ID and sorting labels have a super high scuff resistance for years of service

UPS, FedEx and most other parcel carriers use the 4 x 6 label area for printing their required shipping information. We recommend using a 4 x 8 label to send your personalized message.

Add personalized messaging that catches each customers attention and builds brand loyalty! Simply let us know the area where you want personalized color messages to print, the size of the label needed and you're all set!

We can help you create a wide variety of custom color labels that your black & white Zebra printers can produce...UCC 128 trading partner labels, inventory labels, courier labels and more. We can even help you create custom pallet labels for your LTL shipping needs!

Need a packing list to print at the same time as the carrier label in OnShip? Quickly create your custom packing list using OnShip's built-in report designer. The variable data elements of the packing list can be designed to print automatically or on demand.

Want to send a custom Acknowledgement of Delivery to your Customer at the end of day? Create your document using the variable data elements, and you can have a personalized email sent for each customer you're shipping to. We can even help you create multiple email templates and send emails based on the status or unique situation of each order.

Check out the wonderful world of'll be glad you did!

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