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How OnShip Helps Customer Service (& Sales) Keep Your Customers Happy

The customer service department has become a key customer retention component for most businesses.

The quality and scope of services offered to each customer is a crucial component of what differentiates your products from your competitor’s products.

When integrated into your core systems, OnShip eliminates the typical lag time required to answer a customer phone, email, or chat inquiry about a sales order.

OnShip also allows customer service and sales to proactively contact a customer BEFORE they even know a carrier delivery is late.

OnShip doesn't stop there. We give your staff all the tools they need to succeed...

Areas of Concern:

  • Service Levels: Under constant pressure to reduce shipping spend as transportation costs rise each year.

  • Customer Retention: Customer service is your company’s customer-facing front line. It’s critical for customer service and sales reps to have information ready to answer customer questions immediately.

  • Visibility: Customer service and sales need to have 24/7 online shipment status and tracking/delivery visibility for each order.

Questions You Need to Ask Inside Your Organization:

How many customer inquiries do we receive per day regarding their order delivery status?

OnShip’s near term ROI is easy to calculate. Combine the daily number of calls received with the duration of each call, and multiply that result by the cost per minute of your toll-free customer service numbers. Either way, enterprise-wide customer service and sales access to real-time customer shipping and tracking data will amaze your customers and is grow your business.

Do we send emails to our customers with carrier tracking information and a link to the carrier web site so they can track packages on their own?

OnShip will email each customer detailed shipment tracking information in a personalized format with your company logo if you wish. OnShip can also email that same tracking information to key employees, so all concerned have confirmation of shipment and the real-time tracking tools they need. This approach eliminates the need for employees to interrupt your shipping department when an angry customer is on hold, demanding to know where their order is or why it’s late. In other words, no more mid-day fire drills! 😊

OnShip Pro Shipper Tip: Of course, when you integrate OnShip into your core systems, all approved employees can instantly access real-time order and tracking status 24/7, thus eliminating the need for order emails.

If Customer Service needs to confirm shipment delivery, what is our process to access the delivery confirmation?

OnShip has real-time connections with all your carrier web sites. These connections allow approved customer service and sales users to access real-time package status from OnShip, anytime, anywhere.

OnShip Pro Shipper Tip: OnShip recognizes that when you insure a package using our low-cost, built-in OnShip Insurance module, you want to make sure your valuable cargo gets there on time and who signed for it. You also want to know if it doesn’t get there on time or at all.

OnShip tracks each insured package to its destination and, using industry-exclusive technology, sends you an alert if any of your insured packages are even one minute late. This OnShip technology allows you to proactively alert your VIP customer of a delay and quickly log into your OnShip Online Insurance Dashboard to request a carrier refund.

OnShip is the best-kept secret in the shipping industry. Schedule a live demo to see for yourself how cost-effective it is to start with one PC, Server, or Cloud OnShip workstation and quickly expand OnShip across your enterprise when the time is right.

Good Luck & Happy OnShipping!


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