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OnShip Request Helps You Reign In Rogue Shippers Across Your Business!

Every day, "rogue shippers" cause the company, educational institution or government agency they work for to hemorrhage several hundred to tens of thousands of dollars in excess shipping costs for everything from important legal documents to computer hardware being shipped to another location.

The sad part is that most organizations don't even know about these money leaks because none of this rogue shipping that typically takes place across dozens or even hundreds of unique accounts for the same carrier aren't being audited or monitored.

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Carrier bills are treated like the water, gas or electric bill...seems like a lot of money but it needs to be paid so let's just pay it.

The Problem

Your company allows departments and individuals to ship a package using whatever carrier/service they want to choose, often selecting an overpriced carrier/service level. Many times the shipping department can process the shipment at a lesser price and still satisfy delivery date requirements, if they're using high-quality, multi-carrier rate shopping software.

Why does this problem exist?

  1. The person shipping does not have a thorough understanding of the carriers, service levels, and costs utilized in the shipping department

  2. Handwritten forms are hard for the shipping department to read and cause errors

  3. There is no other record of the shipping request other than a piece of paper

  4. A blame game occurs if the package is not shipped correctly or delivered late

  5. Tracking information about the package does not always make it back to the person who initiated the shipment

  6. Cost controls are not followed resulting in excessive shipping costs that, in many cases, don't even take advantage of any rate discounts you've negotiated with your carriers.

The Solution

OnShip Request allows for complete control of your casual shipping processes. From one to hundreds of users, OnShip Request automates and tracks ALL of the information about what has shipped from each individual and every department.

  1. Real-time visibility of all shipping information

  2. One system to keep track of all shipping and delivery information

  3. All parcels rate-shopped by requested in-hand date to obtain the least cost charges

  4. Tracking updates are available to all OnShip Request users

  5. Shipping history to store all information

  6. A true method of cost control for all parcels shipped

OnShip Request is easy to use for even the most casual user and gives all your approved employees the visibility they need to answer customer shipment status questions and confirm delivery of their shipments anytime, on a 24/7 basis. Good Luck and Good OnShipping!

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