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When Is OnShip a Good Fit For You?

OnShip Multi-Site Flowchart

Your Current Situation

  • You are outgrowing your restrictive, slow processing cloud solution and want to eliminate never ending subscription payments

  • Your current “free” carrier-provided system is costing too much

  • Using “free” shipping software is like having the IRS do your taxes!

  • You are transitioning to an OMS, ERP, WMS for order and inventory management

  • No longer depending 100% on web store for these capabilities

  • You need more efficiency, accuracy and faster shipment processing

  • Your fast growth means you can’t get all your shipments processed in a single day

  • You are a more mature company vs startup using slow processing, limited feature cloud subscription shipping apps

Key Questions To Ask Yourself…

  • Do we want to auto-rate shop for best rates across multiple carriers?

  • Are our “FREE” carrier provided systems costing too much?

  • Nothing is EVER “FREE.”

  • Do we ship 50 parcels or more per day?

  • Do we ship or receive international orders?

  • Do we ship, drop-ship or receive LTL (pallet) freight?

  • Would we like discounts on LTL inbound, outbound & drop-shipments?

  • Do we want to auto-rate shop UPS vs FedEx vs USPS vs LTL?

  • Do we want to set business rules for each customer/shipment?

  • Do we need multiple shipping stations? FP OnShip includes unlimited users

  • Do we need consolidated, detailed reports across multiple shipping sites?

  • Would our CFO find value in 24/7 access to detailed shipping cost reports?

OnShip Client Benefits

  • Reduced processing time to ship daily orders

  • Reduced carrier shipping charges by always selecting the least cost carrier when rate shopping and minimizing surcharges

  • FP OnShip’s Best Way shipping wizard auto-ships orders based on business rules, minimizing employee shipping mistakes

  • Less customer calls about shipping errors and a lot less time correcting them

  • Unlimited users means all approved users can see shipping and delivery status on every shipment…instantly.

  • Happy customers & positive impressions equal repeat business!

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