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Top 10 List of Shipping Software Features You Need

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This checklist will help you eliminate undisclosed "gotcha fees" and those annoying post-sale "by the way, we forgot to tell you about this fee" calls:

  1. Multi-Carrier "Best Way" Parcel Rate Shopping:

  • Should include DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS and key regional carriers to help you find the perfect on-time delivery/low-cost carrier "recipe" mix reduce delivery times and minimizes shipping costs.

  1. Unlimited Users:

  • Whether you have a small, one location business or a multi-location global enterprise, instant access via your host software to shipping status, shipping cost quotes, detailed shipment cost reporting and tracking data allows your customer service, accounts payable and sales departments to get the info they need, when they need it, without constantly disrupting your shipping department.

  1. Address Validation and Residential Indicators:

  • Many shipping software platforms have serious challenges getting this right.

  • Verify the initial price for this module and annual renewal “gotcha” fees are part of your quote…also, make sure it works.

  • Address Validation with Residential Indicators is a “must-have” component for your shipping software. It will pay for itself over and over by minimizing costly carrier accessorial fees that end up coming out of your pocket after you’ve processed the shipment.

  • Make sure you see a live demo to determine how well their module will work for you.

  1. Free Parcel and LTL/TL Pallet Freight Invoice Auditing Services:

  • Monitors your shipments on a real-time basis to verify you get all the refunds and adjustments you deserve on billing errors and late deliveries, etc.

  • Should also include LTL/TL pallet freight bill consolidation across all carriers, so Accounts Payable has one invoice to review and pay.

  1. Parcel and LTL/TL Pallet Freight Carrier Rate Negotiation Services:

  • I know, the carriers tell us we’re all getting the best rates on all our shipments.

  • I also know the major carriers generate billions of dollars in profits each year.

  • Doesn’t it make sense to have an expert validate those “best rates” on an annual basis?

  1. Shipment Cost Reports, Report Designer & Quick View Dashboard Charts:

  • Your CFO and Accounts Payable department will love this!

  • Should be able to export data in a wide variety of formats.

  1. Low-Cost Parcel & LTL/TL Pallet Freight Shipping Insurance:

  • Should offer high-quality shipping insurance with reasonable premiums that save you 50% or more on each shipment, compared to carrier insurance rates.

  1. EZ Integration to your ERP, Order Management Host & Online Web Stores:

  • Should include a detailed Statement of Work (SOW) with an easy to understand professional integration services price quote.

  • Helps you see, in black and white, what you’re getting for your money and also helps your vendor understand what they need to deliver for your money.

  1. Multi-Carrier "Best Way" LTL/TL Discount Pallet Freight Rating:

  • Should include Deep Discounts across dozens of National and Regional Carriers.

  • White Glove Pallet Freight Residential Delivery Options.

  • Optional Real-Time, Internet of Things (IoT) LTL/TL Pallet Freight Mobile Asset Tracking:

  • Allows you to “see” exactly where your high-value shipments are...24/7.

  • Intelligent sensor feedback that alerts you with low/high-temperature warnings and g-force alerts that signify hard cornering, braking, accelerating, etc. as well as dropping or potential handling issues.

  • Automatic LTL Discounted Rate Shopping, BOL Creation and Truck Dispatch Orders.

  • LTL Inbound, Outbound and Drop-Shipment Rate Shopping Discounts.

  1. Easy to Understand, Line Item, Pricing Proposal:

  • Purchase, Monthly Payment, and Annual Subscription Options.

  • Hard-Dollar ROI based on a Detailed Analysis of YOUR past shipments.

Simply put, if your current shipping software vendor can't offer all of these key services or, at the very least, uncover enough hard-dollar, real-world savings to offset the cost of your shipping software, they don't deserve your business.

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