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COVID 19 Has Arrived

As I write this monthly blog post, it amazes me how so much can change in so little time.

Last month I spoke of how OnShip, when integrated to your core systems, gives your customer service and sales reps the real-time shipment cost quoting and order tracking visibility they need to amaze your customers.

This month, all the fantastic things OnShip can do to help businesses grow and thrive pale in comparison to what's happening across our great country right now.

My wife and daughter are nurses on the front lines of this pandemic. I pray for their and their coworker's safety every day.

My family members and friends are self-quarantining; local establishments we all took for granted a few short weeks ago are closed as well. Memorable times, indeed.

This month's post, simply put, is a tribute to all of those on the front lines keeping us healthy, safe, and secure.

We look forward to gaining some sense of normalcy over the next few weeks as this dangerous respiratory virus wreaks havoc on our family, friends, neighbors, and communities.

Until then, we at OnShip hope that you and yours navigate this debacle safely and successfully.

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