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Finance Departments Love OnShip!

Finance is a crucial component to the success of any business and they need access to accurate shipping data.

OnShip helps CFO's and their finance department staff tame out of control shipping costs with real-time access to Detailed Financial Shipping Cost Reports to help them in these key financial areas:

  • Budget Management

  • Record Keeping

  • Financial Forecasting

  • Risk Management

When integrated into your core systems, OnShip gives your finance department staff real-time visibility and access to all the shipping reports and data they need to intelligently manage your carrier relationships. They will also have access to an easy to use, powerful onboard financial reports designer to build an unlimited number of custom reports.

Areas of Concern:

  • Audits & Regulatory Compliance

  • Accurate Budgeting

  • Cost Controls

  • Financial Negotiations

  • Positive Cash Flow

Questions You Need to Ask Inside Your Organization:

  • Do we pass on shipping charges to customers? If yes, how are charges set?

  • How do we verify the accuracy of the carrier invoices we receive?

  • Do we have real-time access to detailed financial shipping reports?

  • How do we determine what carrier and service to use for each shipment?

  • Does our current shipping software alert us when there are billing errors?

  • What are the financial reporting bottlenecks in our current shipping process?

OnShip Pro Shipper Tip #1: Shipping expenses typically account for 5% to 10% of your total operating costs. OnShip clients enjoy significant cost reductions through parcel rate optimization, pre-set low freight rates, deep insurance discounts, and comprehensive auditing services...all with no out of pocket costs for our clients.

OnShip Pro Shipper Tip #2: When you insure a package using our low-cost, built-in OnShip Insurance module, you want to make sure your valuable cargo gets there on time and who signed for it. You also need to know if it doesn’t get there on time or at all.

OnShip tracks each insured package to its destination and, using industry-exclusive technology, sends you an alert if any of your insured packages are even one minute late. This OnShip technology allows you to proactively alert your VIP customer of a delay and quickly log into your OnShip Online Insurance Dashboard to request a carrier refund.

Psssst…OnShip is the best-kept secret in the shipping industry, and our growing list of Professional Shipping Clients know it! Schedule a live demo to see for yourself how cost-effective it is to start. We’ll even help you build a solid R.O.I. for your business case!

These days OnShip comes in a wide variety of “flavors” and price points:

Single PC: Low-cost, full-featured local workstation to get you started

Local Server: Single or multiple site deployments via your local corporate server

Cloud-Hosted: Access all the power of OnShip via your browser

OnShip-Request Enterprise: Controlled & Tracked shipping access for all approved employees and departments across your enterprise

OnShip Cloud: Super low-cost annual subscription with the power to get it done!

Good Luck & Happy OnShipping!


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