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We LOVE Our Customers!

"When we replaced our costly shipping software with OnShip, we were finally able to get all our orders out the same day, AND OnShip's carrier rate optimization experts lowered our parcel shipping costs by over $25,000 in the very first month! Thanks, OnShip!!" James C., Vice President OnShip e-Commerce Customer

Impressive Results? Sure, but these are somebody else's results. The real question is, could you do even better? At this point, it's too early to tell. What is clear is there are potential savings for you. What is not clear is how much money you can start saving this month!

Most business owners and executives think you need to be a large shipper to qualify for significant carrier discounts. This perception is a myth. Over the years, our national carrier rate plans have helped thousands of shippers lower their shipping rates with ZERO out of pocket costs!

OnShip eliminates time-wasting, best shipping rate guessing games by automatically choosing the best rate for on-time delivery of each parcel & freight shipment to your customer based on THEIR delivery date requirements. BUT WE DON'T STOP THERE!

OnShip clients also enjoy our exclusive carrier rate negotiation and carrier invoice auditing services with ZERO out of pocket costs. STILL NOT DONE!!

OnShip clients have exclusive access to our deep national parcel & freight rate discounts with over 70 major carriers PLUS discount shipping insurance rates that drive costs even lower.

Bottom-line, we built OnShip to offer all businesses the powerful, all-inclusive shipping software features Fortune 500 shippers enjoy at a fair and affordable price.

OnShip automatically shops carriers, based on YOUR shipping rules to find the lowest possible shipping rate for on-time delivery. We drive your shipping rates down even more with our national shipping rates, expert rate negotiation services, AND carrier invoice auditing to make sure you get the BEST PRICING---ALL THE TIME!

The great news is that we offer the power of OnShip at multiple price points. From low-cost cloud or single PC workstations to unlimited shippers across your enterprise.

Sign up for a free, no-obligation parcel or freight rate analysis today & see how much you can save tomorrow with OnShip!

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